Are You ready to get your house on the market:

Ready to sell your house? I can make it a snap. To start, we will discuss your financial goals and objectives and how soon you will need to move. I'll need to know all of the details about your property including the things that attracted you to it ( i.e. the floor plan, location, special amenities, etc.). This will be used to develop the marketing plan to sell your house.

I can also help with establishing price, and if you need it, "staging the house" - which means we'll go through room-by-room and make recommendations about repairs, removing clutter and anything else that needs to be done to enhance the marketability of your house. It's all a part of getting ready to be shown to prospective buyers.

Once your house is ready for the market, I use every tool at my disposal to make sure it sells quickly. Among them are internet exposure, marketing to other brokers and potential buyers, ads in various publications, flyers and signage.
From preparation through closing, you will find that I am there with you every step of the way to make sure we meet your goals - with as little stress as possible.

If you're ready to get your house on the market:

  • Read my article on "The Selling Process." It's a quick outline about how I work to get your house sold and the documents we will need to have in place to get started.

I feel confident that working as a team, we can sell your house. I will coordinate your property viewings, inspections, walk-throughs and work with you beyond closing.